Message (Conference Patron)

Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar

Conference Patron
Vice Chancellor
(University of the Punjab)
Today, the world is crashing through a health crisis COVID 19, a pandemic which restricts humans to stay at home, limiting the movement, stopping the helm of life. Either professional or personal life, social or economic, the disease has the potential to control each community of Globe. Dozens of people who are front-line warriors, especially doctors, paramedical staff, scientists, protect the human lives, always on duties who affected the most and still can’t stay at home. In the same way, the future of the country is in the hands of educationists, they are also dealing with challenges like uncertainty, vulnerable teaching-learning process, scared circumstances, and unpredictable communication, threaten the quality of the education sector, shaking the international agenda of Sustainable Development Goals as well as quarantining the education fraternity indoors. Universities, colleges, and schools are seeking another mode of education delivery. Pakistani’s intelligentsia, especially the University of the Punjab, responded swiftly to the pandemic crisis with the help of technology and saved the academic future of the youth by modifying teaching mode into online interventions.

Education plays a dynamic role in uplifting the nations. The quality of teaching and learning determines the goal orientation of the system. In the context of Covid-19, all nations are facing new challenges in educating learners. The intensity of these challenges is more critical in Pakistani context. It is the need of the day to explore and explain the phenomena related to teaching and learning in current situation on the basis of sound research.

Institute of Education and Research (IER) is playing its leading role in improving the quality of teaching. In continuation to its sound traditions, IER is going to organize 8th International Conference on Research in Education. This will be a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their research work on innovative strategies, opportunities, and challenges related to teaching and learning in Covid-19 situation. This conference will also be a unique platform for local as well as international participants to discuss and present their ideas. On behalf of the University of the Punjab, I welcome all dignitaries, national and international delegates, keynote speakers, presenters, research scholars, and students to this online conference. In this conference, we can span space and, to a certain extent, time in order to engage with each other in the ideas about teaching and learning opportunities.

I appreciate the dedicated efforts of conference Co-Patron Prof. Dr. Abid Hussain Ch., Conference Chair Prof. Dr. Rafaqat Ali Akbar, Conference Secretary Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Farooq, Members of Organizing Committees and their teams for organizing this wonderful event according to the need of the day.

I am sure that the conference will be productive and resulted with sound recommendations by the local and international researchers and practitioners. All the research scholars, practitioners, policy makers and professionals will get benefit from the recommendations of this great event.

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