Message (Conference Co Patron)

Prof. Dr. Abid Hussain Ch.

Conference Co-Patron
Dean, Faculty of Education
(University of the Punjab)
COVID-19 pandemic has no geographical boundaries. It's a virus that affecting irrespective of nationality, socio-economic status, level of education, income, race gender, or discipline. It is a matter of great importance to understand, how wide spread COVID-19 was brought the contextual change in educational approaches. The crisis exposed a glimpse to educators, how teaching and learning could be challenging in the future. This health emergency forces the educationists as well as apprentices to adopt online learning tactics which have many forms like m-learning, web-based e-learning, and distance learning instead of practicing traditional didactic methods of teaching. In this regard, during epidemic disease, the leaders, administrators, and academic flair of institutions has taken initiative to build an environment that is conducive to virtual teacher training and raised technical expertise and skills among prospective teachers to integrate digital tools into learning gears.

I express exceptional pride in welcoming all of you and especially thanking to Conference Patron Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar and Conference Chair Prof. Dr. Rafaqat Ali Akbar for organizing this wonderful event. Furthermore, I acknowledge the great efforts and networking of the Conference Secretary Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Farooq among his members of the Conference Committees who accepted the challenges of pandemic and made it possible the this three days event online, the first time in the history of IER. I hope professionals, researchers, and experts will share sound data and upcoming developments with young and energetic researchers, regarding the theme of the International Conference, as “COVID 19: Teaching Learning Opportunities” and admire the Conference Secretary and his team Members of the faculty for the elegant arrangements of this event. May all of your efforts yield a positive outcome. Thank you all.

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